Sox for 60 – We need your help!

soxfor60Interested in helping Cabrini break a Guinness World Record AND helping the homeless in Philadelphia? Now you can!

Cabrini is turning 60 this year and to celebrate the University is trying to break a world record by collecting the most socks during their Sox for 60 event.

On February 15 between noon and 8pm, stop by Grace to drop off new socks. All socks will be donated to The Joy of Sox, a nonprofit organization that provides socks for the homeless of Philadelphia and beyond. Men’s wool socks are preferred but any new socks are accepted.

Purchasing: You can support the Cabrini Fund and The Joy of Sox by purchasing socks from the Alumni Office. For $5, purchase two pairs of men’s wool socks, with $2 going toward the Cabrini Fund, adding you to the list of donors participating in the 1,957 Donor Challenge.

Socks will be sold in the Alumni Office and the SEaL office Monday—Friday during normal business hours beginning Feb. 6. On Feb. 9, the 60th Anniversary committee will be going department to department to sell socks.

There will also be Sock Shops set up in Founder’s Hall Lobby and the Pavilion Feb. 6–14 from 10am–2pm.

The previous record was 2,459 pairs of socks. We can definitely break that! Good luck!


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